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You will find here some definition of most use terms about the coating.

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Adhesion :

Bonding property, safe to use

Air blade :

Air pressure applied by the lips to precisely apply 0.1-10 g/m²

Antiblocking  :

Allows slippage

Antistatic :

Conductivity or resistivity for the electrostatic charges prevents the product from accumulating a static charge

Electrostatic :

(printing) printing process that transfers colors by the use of electrostatic images (electrophotography)  

Film polyester :

Polyethylene Terephthalate Film

Flatness :

Physical characteristic of no-deforming, curling or anti curling

Laser :

Light amplification by a stimulated emission of radiation. A laser beam presents a monochromatic light in a parallel direction, which has a large intensity of spectral energy.

Peeling :

Peeling during transfer

Polyethylene  :

Terephthalate Film

Release :

Anti adhesion properties for transfer films

Satin :


Thermal Stabilization :

Treatment that guarantees a minimum  residual dimensional variation, when exposed to increased temperatures.

Top coating :

Specific property given to the film by the final coating

Xerography  :

(Greek xéros ξηρός = dry) dry toner copy system (PPC)