Production machines constantly evolving to meet your expectations in an ever more efficient way.

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Thanks to its customers, Normandy Coating is now recognized as a global supplier of Chemically and Thermally treated Polyester Film.

Our expertise in the field of surface treatment has required significant investment in both people and equipment. During 2012 Normandy Coating added another new machine, this new facility, not only increased capacity but improved the product quality and key performance characteristics. Normandy Coating now has 4 manufacturing lines processing PET film, from 23µm up to 500µm and in roll widths up to 1,700mm. Normandy Coating utilizes both Water and Solvent based varnishes, which are available across a range of products, some of which may also be combined with other treatments, such as Thermal Stabilization. Normandy Coating is dedicated to providing a sustainable business, within which it aims to provide a consistent approach in maintaining high standards of Safety, Environmental Protection, Quality and Performance.

NC has High performance industrial equipment, offering its clients a comprehensive range of products and services, through a hi-tech manufacturing plant, which currently includes:

  • Smokes neutralisation
  • Inert gas heat tunnels (safe recovery and solvent recycling)
  • La structure des machines d’enduction en acier inoxydable (fiabilité)
  • Stainless steel structure of the coated line
  • On line 4-pass solvent coating line (productivity and cost effectiveness)

The innovations and new technological demands of our customers, ensures Normandy Coating continue to concentrate on new product developments and investment, every year.

Water based chemical surface treatment

A Modern, high performance production line, with 2 side treatment, gas recovery, large widths and high speed production.

Solvent based chemical surface treatment

State of the art production technology, excellent quality coating, modern and dynamic company.

Thermal Stabilisation treatment

"The world’s most modern production line", designed and specified with great detail by our experts and machine operators, who have accumulated several decades of knowledge on the heat treatment of PET films.


Slitting Machines for processing master rolls and converting into narrow width rolls and subsequently, slit rolls into sheets, covering all the typical dimensions used on the market today.