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Transfers on to textiles

Normandy Coating has developed an extensive range of coated and thermally stabilized PET films, for use in the application of inks, via serigraphy or lithography transfer.
The NC treated film has excellent physical and chemical attributes which ensure antistatic and dimensional stability. Depending on the specific application of the transfer, NC films can be produced with a number of additional options, these may include transparent films with a Mat or Shiny appearance.

This ensures the transfer is easy to apply, providing excellent ink adhesion (not too much and not too little), every time. The NC product offers you quality and flexibility, with Hot or Cold peel, Screen or Lithographic printing, Plastisol, Aqueous, or Solvent based (Polyurethane etc) Inks. Through the excellence of its treated PET films for printing T-shirts, sweat shirts, formal wear and Sportswear, Normandy Coating has developed many years experience in the market of specialist printed on to Textiles